Production Services

Production Services is the heart and soul of Benetone Films. We provide production services in Thailand as well as in different cities and states in America. Benetone Films has been recognized by the Thailand Film Office for 7 consecutive years as No. 1 Production Company, with an experience of line producing over 80 feature films and 800 TV Commercials in the past 12 years.

We handle a range of productions from multi-million dollar projects to small single camera interviews. We know where the incentives are and how to manage them in various states giving the maximum value for any filmmaker. Our database of locations allows us to instantly offer our clients choices that best suit their needs. We’re skilled at putting together the right crew for the job. And our professionalism ensures that the filmmakers are able to complete their project within the budget, on time, hassle free!



Below are some of the works we have line produced over the years. Our experience covers a variety of projects from large to small scale TV commercials, feature films and other productions. We are proud of our works which demonstrate our ability to provide a vast range of services, guaranteeing careful attention that each production is matched with every need it requires.


Film Production

The Feature Film division of Benetone Films engages in production & distribution of Hollywood and Asian movies. With offices in Bangkok and Los Angeles, we are dedicated to providing high quality art and commercial entertainment with superior production value. A partnership of two contrasting cultures, brings unique perspective and experience to better navigate the global marketplace as one.



Thailand is well known among production worldwide for its superb diversity of locations, production capabilities that are second to none and yet at a fraction of the cost, winning combination of competitive technology, skilled professional crews, and filming capacity.

The Thai government is also keenly aware of the importance of promoting the filming industry and is happy to facilitate international filmmakers’ needs. Best of all, Thailand is an exceptionally service-minded country with a strong reputation of being friendly and hard-working. We guarantee a smooth production and a positive overall experience; factors that make our clients want to come back repeatedly.

We have put together a location sampler of Thailand to give you a sense of what’s available. For more or any specific requests, please feel free to contact us.


Directors & DOPs

Benetone Films has access to the most elite pool of talent within Thailand as well as from different corners around the world. With our partners in Asia, US, Europe and Australia, we are able to tap into local and international Directors and Directors of Photography that best match the needs of the project.



Benetone Films is an international feature film production, servicing, and distribution company with offices in Bangkok, Thailand and Los Angeles, USA. In operation over 14 years, we have grown to become one of the leading production houses not only in Thailand but throughout Southern and Southeast Asia.

Feature Films Production

The Feature Film division engages in production and distribution of Hollywood and Asian movies. We are dedicated to providing high quality art and commercial entertainment with superior production values. Check out our current slate of recently developed and produced films.


Benetone Films has recently ventured into independent feature film distribution in the US, Europe, Thailand and other Southeast Asian markets. Armed with a deep knowledge of the ever-changing distribution platforms and markets, we are dedicated to following the same ethos as our other endeavors.

Production Services

We are the leading production servicing company in Thailand, recognized by the Thailand Film Office for 7 consecutive years as the No. 1 Production Company in Thailand. Our extensive project résumé includes line producing over 80 feature films, 800 TV commercials, various documentaries, TV series, and reality shows.

Benetone Films is the most complete and connected choice for your production.



RACHVIN NARULA, Chief Executive Officer

Rachvin Narula, Co-founder and Executive Director of Benetone Films, has cemented his position as a leading filmmaker in Southeast Asia for more than a decade. An MBA graduate with a distinction in International Business from George Washington University, he is responsible for multiple successful businesses, Benetone Films among them. Rachvin has line produced over 50 Bollywood Blockbusters to date for Benetone Films, and provides the company with his expertise of film production and high-level Bollywood as well as Hollywood connections.


KULTHEP NARULA, Chief Operations Officer

Kulthep Narula is a co-founder and the Chief Operations Officer of Benetone Films. Kulthep graduated from the prestigious New York University Stern School of Business, and has since proven himself as an accomplished filmmaker and businessman. The fourth generation of a deep-rooted Thai Indian family, Kulthep has lived and worked in Thailand, India, and the United States, and brings an immense knowledge of Asia with an international perspective to Benetone Films. He is also currently the President of the Foreign Film Production Services Association, Thailand.


DAEMON HILLIN, President of Production

Striking a unique balance of creativity and business savvy, Daemon Hillin has quickly garnered a reputation as an emerging independent producer. With a proven track record of producing noteworthy films throughout the world, Daemon serves as President of Production and oversees the domestic arm of Benetone Films. A passion for producing first brought Daemon to Thailand in 2011 where he produced A Stranger in Paradise. Other titles Daemon has produced include Killing Winston Jones, featuring Oscar winner Richard Dreyfuss, Danny Glover, Danny Masterson, Jon Heder, Aly Michalka and Tyler Labine, By The Rivers of Babylon, starring Crispin Glover, Connie Stevens, Mark Boone Jr., and Joely Fisher, Auteur directed by Cameron Romero and starring Tom Sizemore, and Pernicious, among others. Daemon specializes in film financing, GAP financing and film production, but his love for the art of dealmaking is what makes him one of the top producers to watch in coming years.