Production Services

Production Services is the heart and soul of Benetone Films. We are the leading production services company in Thailand, recognized by the Thailand Film Office for 6 consecutive years as No. 1 Production Company in Thailand, with an experience of line producing over 80 feature films and 650 TVC in the past 12 years.

We have connections in the industry and vast experience, ensuring our swiftness and efficiency in putting together the best of everything that Thailand has to offer. See below on some of what’s available.




We present below some of the works we have line produced over the past years. Our experience cover variety of projects from large to small scale TV commercials, Feature Films and other productions. We are proud of our works which demonstrate our ability to provide vast range of services, guaranteeing careful attention that each production is matched with every needs it require.


Film Production

Benetone Films ventures into full scale feature film productions under Benetone Hillin Entertainment.

Benetone Hillin Entertainment (BHE) is an international media company with office in Los Angeles, dedicated to producing and delivering content through films and graphic novels. It is a partnership of two contrasting cultures, each bringing a unique perspective and experience, to consistently deliver high quality, art and commercial entertainment.

Below are some of the exciting projects we have produced. For more information, visit



Thailand is well known among the production houses around the world for its superb variety of locations, production capabilities that are second to none, yet at a fraction of the cost, winning combination of competitive technology, skilled professional crews, and filming capacity.

The Thai government is also keenly aware of the importance of promoting the filming industry and is happy to facilitate international filmmakers’ needs. Best of all, Thailand is an exceptionally service-minded country with people known the world over to be friendly and hard-working. You will be guaranteed with a smooth production and a positive overall experience; factors that make our clients to come back repeatedly.

We have put together some of the location sampler of Thailand to give you a sense of what’s available. For more or any specific request, please feel free to contact us.


Directors & DOPs

Benetone Films has the access to the leading pool of talents within Thailand as well as from different corners around the world. With our partners in the Asia, US, Europe and Australia, we are able to tap into Local and International Directors and Director of Photography that best suit the needs of the project.



Benetone Films is a full service production house based in Bangkok, Thailand. We have been in operations for over 10 years and have grown to become one of the leading production house not only in Thailand but in the South and Southeast Asia. Our services include production facilitation for Feature Films, TV Commercials, Reality Shows, as well as documentaries and still photography.

We also have a range of highly qualified technicians in our roster to cater to different project requirement. From directors to table-top specialists to award winning stylists, we can harness the best crew.

Having gained extensive experience in production services, Benetone Films has ventured into Hollywood feature film production. Our first venture, A Stranger in Paradise is expected to release in 2012. Our latest project, Pernicious, will go on floor in Thailand in January 2013.

Benetone Films is the most complete and connected choice for your production.