Benetone Films is an international feature film production and service company
with offices in Thailand, US and Europe.

With over 15 years of experience, we provide creative solutions and full range of production services for film and television industries worldwide.


The Company

Production Services

Benetone Films is the No. 1 Production Company in Thailand recognized by the Thailand Film Office for 10 years in a row. Our extensive project résumé includes line producing over 90 feature films, 900 TV commercials, various documentaries, TV series, and reality shows.

Founded in 2002, we have grown into a global production partner with offices in Thailand, US and Europe.

Feature Films Production

The Feature Film division of Benetone Films engages in production & distribution of Hollywood and Asian movies. Benetone Films is passionate about providing high quality art and commercial entertainment with superior production values.

With our global offices, we are able to develop a unique perspective on motion pictures and experience to better navigate the global marketplace as one. Check out our current slate of recently developed and produced films.


Company Executives

Rachvin Narula
Chief Executive Officer

Co-founder and Executive Director of Benetone Films, Rachvin Narula has cemented his position as a leading filmmaker in Southeast Asia for more than a decade. An MBA graduate with a distinction in International Business from George Washington University, he is responsible for multiple successful businesses, Benetone Films among them.

Rachvin has line produced over 80 Bollywood Blockbusters to date for Benetone Films, and provides the company with his expertise of film production and high-level Bollywood as well as Hollywood connections.

Kulthep Narula
Chief Operations Officer

The co-founder and the Chief Operations Officer of Benetone Films, Kulthep graduated from the prestigious New York University Stern School of Business, and has since proven himself as an accomplished filmmaker and businessman. Kulthep has lived and worked in Thailand, India, and the United States, and brings an immense knowledge of Asia with an international perspective to Benetone Films.

Kulthep plays an integral role in Thailand’s film industry. He is appointed to the National Film Council of Thailand and is also serving as the President of the Foreign Film Production Services Association Thailand.

Daemon Hillin
President of Production

Striking a unique balance of creativity and business savvy, Daemon Hillin has quickly garnered a reputation as an emerging independent producer. With a proven track record of producing noteworthy films throughout the world, Daemon serves as President of Production and oversees the domestic arm of Benetone Films.

A passion for producing first brought Daemon to Thailand in 2011 where he produced A Stranger in Paradise. Other titles Daemon has produced include Killing Winston Jones, featuring Oscar Winner Richard Dreyfuss, By The Rivers of Babylon, Auteur, and Pernicious, among others. Daemon specializes in film financing, GAP financing, distribution and film production, but his love for the art of deal making is what makes him one of the top producers to watch in coming years.