Prompop Lee

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Prompop Lee

Lee’s career in filmmaking started in 1991 at Chicago after graduating from Columbia College Chicago Film School. In 1995, he moved back to his home country, Thailand, and continued his film career as a freelance screenwriter and director.

He was introduced to commercial filmmaking in late 1996 when he was approached to join one of the leading production houses in Thailand. There, he had more chances to craft his filmmaking skills and knowledge. Today, he has over twenty years of experience in many aspects on film work and directing skills. Lee has been working consistently in many countries over Southeast Asia including Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Cambodia and Thailand.

Storytelling is one of Lee’s fundamental and strongest skills. He also excels on directing people and kids. He believes a good motivating mind is necessary to push and persuade the talents to let out their natural performance. When it comes to food, Lee takes it as sculpting the art piece. Shooting food is very delicate and refined. Every piece of ingredient, every drop of liquid, and every hi-light that reflect on the plate in front of the camera lens are accounted for.

Lee sees every project as a challenge to push the envelope further. That is the love Lee have in making films.