Ghost House - Rich Ragsdale

Feature Films · Productions & Co-Productions | Thailand · 2017

A young couple go on an adventurous vacation to Thailand only to find themselves haunted by a malevolent spirit after naively disrespecting a Ghost House.

The Runaway - Nick DeRuve

Feature Films · Productions & Co-Productions | USA · 2016

Jon Chryst, now 60, has been an outlaw for his entire adult life. After 30 years in isolation, the law has finally caught up to him. As he makes a final attempt to escape with his life, Jon reflects on the events that led him here.

Wishing for a Dream - Sara Malakul Lane

Feature Films · Productions & Co-Productions | USA · 2016

Actress Mika Andrews and her filmmaker boyfriend Louis Digman struggle through the trenches of the entertainment industry to succeed in "Hollywood".

Pernicious - James Cullen Bressack

Feature Films · Productions & Co-Productions | USA · 2015

It was supposed to be an adventure of a lifetime as three young girls spend the summer in Thailand. But their adventure quickly becomes a nightmare when the trio unleashes the spirit of a murdered child with only one thing on her mind – revenge.

A Stranger in Paradise - Corrado Boccia

Feature Films · Productions & Co-Productions | USA · 2013

On the verge of making partner, Josh Pratt's life is turned upside down when the SEC investigates the head of his multibillion-dollar hedge fund for insider trading.

Killing Winston Jones - Joel David Moore

Feature Films · Productions & Co-Productions | USA · 2016

Long-suffering gym teacher Ethan is the glue that holds his eccentric family together. But when his father gets locked in a bitter contest with his old former phys-ed teacher rival, Ethan finds his life -- and his family -- spiraling out of control.