Arranged Love

  • Romance
  • 120 Min
  • USA
  • 2023
  • English

After fleeing an arranged marriage, leaving India and an inheritance behind, Meera reinvented herself in the tech world in America. However, when a costly problem threatens her business, her inheritance is exactly what she needs to solve it. Unfortunately, she can only access the money if she’s married… so Meera returns to India with a plan to inform her family she is married to the handsome Rama, whom she met only days ago.


  • Abi Varghese


  • Rachel Avery


  • Abhijeet Singh Baghel

Executive Producers

  • Angie Day
    Larry Grimaldi
    Julianna Hays
    Jodi Herczeg
    Pooja Kumar
    Kulthep Narula
    Rachvin Narula
    Hannah Pillemer
    Fernando Szew
    Bonnie Zipursky


  • Lukasz Pruchnik

Editing by

  • Matt Kendrick


  • Lindsay Chag
    Ricki Maslar
    Yash Nagarkoti


  • Sharmita Bhattacharya
    Andres Joseph
    Cathy Shim
    Suchitra Pillai
    Satyajit Sharma
    Anna Eilinsfeld
    Gaurav Pandey
    Devin Crittenden