Fast Vengeance

  • Action
  • 110 Min
  • USA
  • 2021
  • English

Upon hearing of his brother’s death, a man named Shen returns to his old stomping grounds to find the men responsible and take justice into his own hands. He learns that a biker named Cobra and his ferocious gang, The Midnight Squad, were the ones responsible … but to get anywhere close to them, he must enter the dark, turbulent realm of underground motorcycle racing.

Enlisting the aid of a drag racing champion-turned-mechanic, Shen must compete in the high-stakes races where he will have one chance to confront Cobra. But when Shen’s plan is revealed, he must battle both on the streets and in the ring to obtain his final revenge.


  • Pearry Reginald Teo


  • Pearry Reginald Teo

Executive Producers

  • Randall J. Bacon
    James Cullen Bressack
    Jordan Dykstra
    Alex Farnham

Associate Producers / Producer

  • Jarrett Furst
    Donald R. Gilbert
    Daemon Hillin
    Charles H. LaHaie
    Kulthep Narula
    Rachvin Narula
    Chaya Supannarat


  • DMX
    D.Y. Sao
    Natalie Burn
    Randall J. Bacon
    Lyndon Hoffman-Lew
    Jonathan Hursh