Four Stations

  • Art
  • 103 Min
  • Thailand
  • 2012

Four low society people living along the railway in four parts of Thailand are fighting for their lives amid lots of problems. In the North, “Tu Poo”, an old monk, attempts hardly to teach younger monks, novices and temple boys of today society to become calm and self controlled. Otherwise, the folks will lose their faith in monks and religious. In the Central, “Thu”, a young Myanmar labor has to leave his job in a farm to ransom his wife or she will be sent back to Myanmar. In the Northeast, “Kham Kong”, an orphan, tries his best to be accepted byhis aunt and her husband as a member of this poor family. In the South, Suan and Klaew are lovely neighbor but, finally, they turn to be the opponents. These unimportant stories of four small people and their related lives are linked gradually. As time goes by, when we see their lives, we will consecutively understand the diversity of cultures that form a man like us.


  • Yanisa Arjpru
    Piya Chaikaewkhao
    Prasi Poonyamano


  • Boonsong Nakphoo


  • Boonsong Nakphoo


  • Thai & English Subtitle