Love Love You

  • LGBT
  • 100 Min
  • Thailand
  • 2015

One man was in love with the new one, but another one was in love with the old one. Finally, their love could be ending with the word “us” or notThe proof of true love between Gump and Nai, after they already opened-mind to be in relationship together. Their love was very smooth until Gump was requested (with order) by his mom to take care and help Sunz who’s just broken-hearted and be the nephew of mom’s friend. Sunz was still fanciful that make other people worry and concern about him.Sunz was a bit disliked by Gump because he made himself be in trouble. However, Gump’s feeling was changed after their first meeting. The annoying and joking of Sunz had a charm and could make Gump feel shaken. On the other hand, Nai was still confused about his feeling after he met Ball, his old high school friend that he came back to find out something.The situation was very confused, so finally their close friend which is Zee, Ped, Arm and Soda need to come to solve this confusion. However, Could they clear the problem and make both of their love to become the same or not ? or both of them will end up their love with the new guy. Please come to encourage them together in Love Love You (Just want to tell you I love you)


  • Atthaphun Phunsawat
    Narapat Sakunsong


  • Naphat Chaithiangthum


  • Thai & English Subtitle