Love Say Hey

  • Romantic Comedy
  • 107 Min
  • Thailand
  • 2016

Gang of friends, Tae, Arm, Tod and Ohm, are trying to make their score for high school graduating. Their dream was about playing cool music brand but they have to dance instead. While practicing their dancing, Arm is being closed to Tarn, the high school student leader. Arm is falling for Tarn but because the promise he has made with his friends, he chose friends instead of Tarn. But Tae who was the one who made the promised, he started dating, Mhuay, his neighbour, without no one knows. Day by day the performing day is soon, Tae doesn’t care about practicing and friends anymore. Let’s see what is going on between this friendship, relationship and their high school lives in Love Say Hey “Just want to say I love you”


  • Pataraporn Budsarakamwadee
    Christopher Jonathan Roy


  • Napat Jaithiangtham


  • Thai & English Subtitle