Poor People the Great

  • Art
  • 76 Min
  • Thailand
  • 2011

After Bunchoo spending years being a construction labourer in Bangkok for years but still his quality of life hasn’t been improved, he returned to his hometown to stay with his mother and his teenage son. His wife ran away from this poverty and went back to Surin years ago. He decided to do sustainable agriculture from now to his very last day but his time to pay the 20,000 Baht debt to the village fund had arrived. Hence, before he became a complete outsider in his own community he had to gather all his strength and wit to find a way to clear out the debt with the scarcity of rural life and the hope of his mother and his son. Can he pay the debt and live a simple life as he wish? That’s the most important question of the story.


  • Boonsong Nakphoo
    Kraisorn Nakphoo
    Ler Nakphoo
    Thoop Nakphoo


  • Boonsong Nakphoo


  • Thai & English Subtitle