Summer To Winter

  • LGBT
  • 97 Min
  • Thailand
  • 2014

In the midst of loneliness, by the side of the sea where people let go of their sadness, and more on, there is Tam. Tam is an introvert, closing himself to his family and ready to walk away if he has a chance. There to meet him is Kimhan who changes him with his smile and hopeful look in is eyes.
Tam starts to see happiness in his friendship with this strange person. He welcomes him as the first friend in his life. The two boys spend a perfect time together till the day they have to part. But will they?


  • Ratchasak Panasantiparb
    Attanee Tokiri
    Nipon Sriwareerat
    Thanwarin Sukhaphisit
    Ekachai Sriwichai
    Ornanong Panyawong


  • Daraspong Throngprasit
    Thanatkorn Bangpao


  • Thai & English Subtitle