End Discrimination

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This film was made for the United Nations Human Rights Project Geneva office in commemoration of Human Rights Day. It stresses on the virtue of Equality and urges the viewer to do their part to help end discrimination. The film was shot in Thailand with production house, Benetone Films, and agency, Y & R Thailand.

The film has several people that speak straight to the camera, the aim was to speak to the audience through a simple and plain person rather than just celebrities. Instead of subtitling the ad, as it is in diff languages, we felt that just the text on the side was enough to get across the intent, as they are all saying the same thing. This text implies what context equality falls in for each of these people. For children ‘opportunity’, as for the Polio affected Farmer Woman from Laos, it is ‘Dignity- despite disability and for the Elderly gentleman and lady, ‘Respect’ and finally for the construction worker, as it is work that is generally considered menial, Equality. The film has been kept simple and straightforward with the hope that the idea is communicable to all people across the world.