Remote Shooting in 2021

As an established production company we understand the uncertainties and difficulties that currently challenge the industry. This is why we have developed a market leading, intelligent remote-shoot service to provide the best possible platform for video creatives - Our aim is to put things back in motion!

Our Covid-19 Remote Shooting Service


This service has been carefully and expertly designed to ensure ease of access, attention to detail, safety and efficiency. Overcoming Covid-19 implications and preventing the spread of the pandemic is at the forefront of our operations and we are committed to delivering a professional and high quality service. Despite the drastic changes in production, our clients are delighted with the simplicity of the service and the quality of the final product.


Over the past twelve months, we have perfected our service and established a reliable and efficient workflow system which seamlessly integrates other aspects of the production process. Communication is key, which is why video can be viewed, shared, discussed and modified in real-time to give you maximum control.

We use the highest caliber technicians to produce a flawless product, while working to strict deadlines and managing a range of budgets. Whether we are shooting in a studio, or outdoors, our team can deliver an unbeatable product which is designed around your requirements.

We can help studios, advertising agencies and filmmakers get back to doing what they do best, without travel costs and the risks posed by being on-site in the current climate.


Why choose Thailand for your filming requirements?


In addition to government guidelines and requirements, here at Benetone Films we have implemented our own strict measures to ensure the safest and most ethical methods of video production. Protecting your staff is of the utmost importance, which is why a remote shoot undertaken by experienced and conscientious professionals is the perfect way to adapt and grow your business.

Perfectly synchronized with our cloud storage network and available to view 24 hours a day, any issues caused by the time difference are completely negated, with staff on hand to answer your queries at all times, at no extra cost.


Remote Shooting – How It Works?


Our remote shooting package is built around our core fundamentals which help us deliver professional products in a controlled environment.

The first stage of the service is a thorough testing period which ensures the camera crew, props and sets are perfected long before shooting commences, guaranteeing swift transitions without sacrificing quality. During this phase, we also work with the client to establish the reliability of our communication systems to allow for maximum control during the length of the project.

During the shoot, our intelligent systems provide an efficient viewing and approval platform, with encrypted live streaming and playback. Directors, agencies and clients are also provided with their own communication channels to give real time feedback.

Thanks to our years of experience, the size of our crew is kept to a minimum with trained onboarding medics on set, temperature checks and numerous disinfectant stations guaranteeing a safe environment that meets all government regulations.


“We set up a remote shoot system which featured two teams, two cameras, five behind the scenes cameras and two zoom channels for the client based in the US, the production house in Mexico and the director based in the Netherlands. Even though the editor was not present, they were able to access the files in real-time and the director could assume full control via the on-location assistant directors.

Every studio was disinfected before the teams arrived to ensure everything was clean and Covid free. A medic was also on set taking everybody’s temperature, with masks and hand gel provided to make sure everyone was safe.”
– Production Team for Dos Equis Beer commercial

“Working in such a controlled environment I am really able to focus on just directing. I have worked a lot with Chopsticks Films, from beer, chocolate, cookies, burgers…everything!”
-Ronald Koetzier – Director