Remote Shoot Services Means the Show Will Always Go On, Wherever You Are!

Added distance shouldn’t impact production schedules. With our remote shoot services, we bring the set to you. Shoot exactly what you want from wherever you are with an encrypted HD live-stream that allows for live-chats, logs, playback, and loops. Scale projects at will with an expert crew that’s worked with big brands on multiple projects.

What is Remote Shooting?

Remote shooting is a production style that allows producers to work outside of a traditional production environment. It is based on the concept that — via technology — work can be done no matter where producers, directors, sets, and cast are based.

Seamless Tech And Pre-Built Sets

BeThrough a REMI (Remote Integration Model), we create a broadcast workflow where you direct from your home/office while production takes place at one of our pre-built remote studios. Locations are sanitized daily and staff follow our additional COVID-19 safety procedures. Plus, you get an easy-to-use, fully-encrypted, and lag-free, you also get a live-stream that can be viewed by as many people in as many places as your production needs.

Reduce Costs And Improve Efficiency — All At Once

Benetone’s remote shoot services can be used globally for all projects — from commercials and digital content to films and TVCs. You also get access to an all-star crew and post-production services where your project can be shared, discussed, and modified in real-time. And by saving on travel and accommodation expenses, you have a turnkey solution that’s both cost-efficient and time-efficient.