Guidelines for Film Production in Thailand

The New Rulebook

In this new rulebook, the number one priority remains the safety of the production team and of the clients. This is a summary of the more comprehensive requirements set out below.

  • Cast and crew are required to register check-in and check-out during work hours via an authorized Covid-19 Control Center. 
  • Everyone entering the workplace will be screened for signs of Covid-19 symptoms and have their hands sanitized.
  • Production set must have sufficient air circulation and the studio facility shall have approved air filtration and air circulation system. 
  • Size of set must enable the required social distancing guidelines. 
  • Cast and crew must follow safety protocols at all times.

We ask for your commitment and cooperation for a safe production environment. Stay safe, stay creative!



Section 1
Mandatory Requirements

Benetone Films is working within the guidelines put forth by Thailand Government and Ministry of Public Health. Namely, by ensuring that proper hygiene is maintained and the required social distancing is possible.

Maintaining Social Distance
It is required that each member of the production team must maintain a social distance of at least 1.5 meters while working.

For all productions, the size of the set should provide enough space for social distancing for all cast and crew. Signages should also be present on and off set reminding everyone of this rule.

Tiered arrivals and optimizing workflow
All department should strictly follow call times. Production work are required to be coordinated to prevent crowding the set.

Promoting Hygiene on set
The work environment will have the strictest sanitization protocols.

Cast and crew are required to follow the health authority guidelines on hygiene. They are required to apply and register to an authorized by the Covid-19 Control Center.

Hand sanitizers and handwashing facilities with soap must be readily available.

Regarding crew safety
Everyone entering the workplace will be screened for signs of Covid-19 symptoms and have their hands sanitized

Anyone exhibiting mild or severe symptoms of COVID-19 is not permitted to enter.

Cleaning requirements
Productions should be responsible for frequent cleaning of contact surfaces, including routine cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces, equipment, and other elements of the work environment

Any workstation and equipment used by more than one person needs to be cleaned between each user.

All production personnel must be informed of protocols. Relevant information must be prominently displayed around the set.

Protocols should also be made visible in common areas. This includes to the agency and client.


Section 2
Individual Responsibility

All departments are encouraged to exercise and follow best practice methods and protocols at all times. Everyone can help prevent the transmission by doing these simple steps:

1. Wash your hands frequently. Regularly and thoroughly clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or wash them with soap and water.
2. Cover your cough. Cover your mouth and nose with the bend of your elbow or with a tissue when you cough or sneeze. Dispose the used tissue immediately into a closed bin and wash your hands.
3. Limit physical contact. Avoid handshakes and hugging. Conference calls encouraged for Internal to Final PPM. Avoid face-to-face meetings as much as possible.
4. Be diligent with cleaning. Individuals and team members are encouraged to clean their own personal and shooting materials regularly.
5. Social distancing. Always follow social distancing and ask others to be considerate.


Section 3
Practical Implementation

Putting government guidelines for work environments into practice on film sets.

Scene & Location Limitations
Interior and exterior scenes are allowed if set size can provide social distancing among the total number of the cast and crew.

It is prohibited to execute crowd scenes where social distancing cannot be upheld to a satisfactory degree.

Food & Catering
All meals must be served as single serving portions. Drinks must be in single serving containers, ie. water bottles and cans.

Refilling of reusable water bottles is discouraged.

For sit-down meals, social distancing rules must be followed. There will be a meal schedule to follow to avoid crowding the dining area.

All people handling food are to wash their hands before and after doing so. As a general rule, on-set catering should follow the government guidelines regarding food service.

As much as possible, casting should be done remotely over video conference or using self tapes.

If casting takes places at a casting studio, social distancing and proper hygiene rules should be followed.

For casting of families or couple who are required to interact physically on screen, real families and couple should be used if possible – so physical contact is kept within the existing unit.

Individuals belonging to a “high risk group” should not be casted until further notice.

Hair & Make-up
Hair and make-up are for featured casts only.

Appropriate PPE will be worn by hair and make-up artists.

Both talent and make-up artists are required to wash or sanitise their hands before and after session.

All equipment must be sanitised with appropriate disinfectants between users. Talent are strongly encouraged to bring their own equipment.

Talent may consider using a face shield rather than a mask once make up has been applied Work stations need to be cleaned between each user.


Assisted styling is allowed for featured cast only.Appropriate PPE will be worn by stylists.Before and after styling, both talent and stylist are required to wash and sanitise their hands.Wardrobe and accessories should be washed and sanitised properly before placing on talent.Wardrobe and accessories should be provided individually. They should be kept in a separate plastic cover to avoid any possible cross contamination.As much as possible, wardrobe approvals should take place by use of stills or video conferencing.

Background talent are encouraged to bring their own clothes and dress from home. In the event that this is not possible, production is required to provide dressing facilities where social distancing and other hygiene rules can be practiced.

Remote Viewing

Remote video viewing to be encouraged.Video village to be set up outside, if possible.Interactions with client or agency should be kept to a minimum.

Hiring companies and crew are to ensure proper equipment handling and following sanitation protocols. All equipment arriving on a film set must arrive sanitised.Gear checks to be handled in a separate space to avoid cross contamination.

Crews are required to wash or sanitize hands or before handling any gear. Use gloves as much as possible.

Common Areas
Common areas and holding for talent should be set up outside, if possible.

Seating should be arranged in such a fashion to observe social distancing. Assigned seating to the cast and crew to minimize social interaction between departments.

No non-essential visitors are not allowed on set or holding areas.

Post-production facilities must follow hygiene and safety protocols.

If possible, post-production should be handled remotely.

Number of people in the post-production room should be is limited and must follow social distancing.


Section 4
Extra Precautionary measures

At Benetone Films, we take this pandemic extremely seriously. In addition to the government requirements, we are taking a couple of extra measures to ensure that we are doing everything we can to ensure that the risk of infection is minimised on set.

Remote Filming
To minimize the interaction and avoid cross contamination, Benetone Films is also fully equipped to provide Remote-Live Streaming System. We offer a seamless and proven technology that provides secured, high speed connectivity with easy to use instructions.

Benetone Films also has an efficient post production workflow where the projects can be shared, viewed, discussed, and modified in real time.

Pre-Built Sets
Benetone Films has ready-to-use sets for clients to shoot multiple scenes on the same location and day. The crew and equipment are able to move in and out with efficiency and ease, ensuring on-time
project completion.

Props, furniture, costumes and accessories are also available in the studio set.

These guidelines are only applicable to Thailand and are subject to revision and amendment from time to time, depending on their proven efficacy in the production environment, and changes in Thailand’s government regulations.

If you have specific questions in relation to this, please contact us at and we’ll do our best to answer.