Thailand, which literally means Land of the Free, is commonly referred to as the Land of Smiles.

With its lush jungles, tropical beaches, glittering temples, and friendly people, Thailand is one of the world’s primary filming destination.


Why Thailand?

Aside from being one of the world‘s best tourist destinations, Thailand is also a great destination for filmmakers. The availability of diverse locations, budget-friendly production costs, and a mature domestic film industry that provides a legion of experienced crew members have made Thailand an attractive location for many Hollywood and Bollywood films, as well as many other foreign productions.

“In Asia, Thailand boasts a long history as an international film hub, which can be traced back to the 1970s with James Bond’s The Man with the Golden Gun and The Deer Hunter.” – World of Locations


Film Incentives

As of 2017, Thailand has introduced film production financial incentives. The new bill sets up a 20 % cash rebate for production shoots in the country.

Major rebates are being offered when the following criteria are met in the filming process:
1. Obtain filming permission from the Film Consideration Committee.
2. Local spending of more than 50 million baht (approximately $1.7 million US) to Thai crew and company.

Main incentive is 15%, an additional 3% for hiring key personnel and 2% more for promoting a positive image of Thailand in terms of tourism and culture.


Essential Facts About Thailand

Minimising the number of cast and crew

The number of crew on set should be kept to the minimum required. There is a limitation of cast and crew of 10 in one shooting area.

Maximum number of team is limited to 50 on each project. We encourage agencies and clients to send the fewest possible number of representatives.

There are six major international airports in Thailand, making it incredibly easy to get to the part of the country you’re interested in.

513,120 km². Thailand is the 50th largest country in the world; most nearly equal in size to Spain or France.

Time Zone

Bangkok (BKK)

Just 15 degrees north of the equator. Thailand is situated in the heart of Southeast Asia and well connected with the rest of the world.

Geography & Climate
Thailand has a tropical climate and temperatures typically range from 19 to 38 degrees C (66-100F)

Official Language
Thai is the official language of the country

Filming Requirement

In order to film in Thailand, foreign filmmakers are required to hire a local company who is officially registered with the Thailand Film Office, Office of Tourism Development. The local servicing company must then represent the foreign filmmaker for all necessary filming permits. They are also responsible for representing the film company in any matter arising both during and after the completion of shooting in the country.



5 Strengths of Thailand


Thailand has a large number of experienced local crews for hire. They are highly skilled and are familiar with working on international productions. They bring with them a wealth of both technical and local knowledge and their expertise will certainly be an asset to any filmmaker shooting in Thailand.

In addition, local suppliers are on hand to provide equipment of all kinds for hire. Their inventories feature the latest ‘state-of-the-art’ tools essential to modern film production, all available at competitive rates.


Thailand is renowned for expert film production services. The country is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and highly trained staff to support film production of any kind. It is considered one the best and most cost-effective in the region.

The film production service business is rapidly growing in Thailand and this should significantly facilitate more foreign film productions. These organizations all work to international standards and are fully equipped to provide a professional, efficient and, of course, friendly service.


Thailand is welcoming filmmakers from around the world to explore this amazing kingdom, whether a production calls for Thailand‘s abundant natural splendor, its historic towns, or perhaps the glamour of its towering skyscrapers. The availability of elephants, exotic jungle and beach settings have made Thailand an attractive location for many Hollywood and Bollywood films and other international productions.

Thailand is a place that can fulfill the imagination of every filmmaker.


It is a point of pride that Thailand is the hub of post-production in Southeast Asia and offers high-quality services with value for the money. The country continuously upgrades its digital platforms and tools with up-to-date technology and dedication to achieving the perfect final cut. Thailand has animators who are behind the successes of Zootopia and Frozen, while the animation and computer graphics industry has been constantly growing.


One of the many reasons why Thailand has become a major destination for filming is because of the convenient facilities that are spread across the country, which cater to even the most complex of productions. What is duly noted, however, is the country’s uncompromising dedication to service, a promise to surprise and delight clients, even when faced with unexpected challenges.

Moreover, Thai staff is service-minded by nature. Their kindness and generosity turn our support into a one-stop service, one in which the staff are ready to assist you beyond the duties of their job. This amiability, however, never interferes with their total professionalism.

For further information about filming in Thailand, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


“Thailand has a solid international reputation as a South-East Asian production hub with good equipment resources and a strong crew base.” – KFTV