Surapong Top Ploensang

  • 亚洲
  • 美国
  • 家庭
  • 幽默
Surapong Top Ploensang

* Not available for China

Top began his career as an assistant director at Phenomena Bangkok, and later on became a commercial director for many well known clients in South East Asia. His notable clients include Axe, ChupaChup, Ikea, Kitkat, Vasaline and Colgate.

His style is blending humor to his works and Top has shown a unique ability for great comedic timing from talents and actors.

In 2007, he was a finalist as the new director of the year for the KODAK Inside Film Awards at Sydney, Australia. Top has also won several awards for directing including Cannes Lion, Kancil Awards, Adfest and Adman.

Top believes that a great commercial is the result of a great and collaborative idea with the agency, the client and his team. When not working, Top enjoys making his own films and document his own travels.