Good Morning, Luang Prabang

  • Romance
  • 99 分钟
  • Laos
  • 2008

Sorn (Ananda Everlngham) is a Laotian-Australian young man. He studied in Sydney and became a photographer in Bangkok. For years living in big city and being accustomed to western thinking, his father’s homeland rarely comes to his mind. This changes when his editor assigns him for a job in Laos. In Pakse, Som hires a young guide named Nol (Khamly Pilavong) to take him to photograph places like Li Phi and Khone Phapeng Waterfalls, Mae Khong River and small islands in the river called Si Pan Don. But Noi is just a rookie on her first outing. She keeps losing her way taking Sorn on unnecessary boat and car trips. They struggle but finally manage, if not on time as programmed, to reach Vientiane. At his father’s house, Sorn receives warm welcome from his grandfather and his father’s relatives. Beginning to think of Laos as another home, Sorn also discovers he has a special feeling for Noi. But when they get closer, Noi backs away. Learning his roots as a Laotian, Som is on his way to prove to Noi that he is not just a tourist who will easily leave after a short-time love.