Red Scarf

  • Horror
  • 80 分钟
  • Thailand
  • 2012

Thirty years ago in a small village north of Vientiane Province, there was a herb doctor named Sith. He had a paralyzed mother who was taken care of by his wife. Wanting to learn more to help his mother, Sith traveled to the province for a medical course. A month later, he came back to the village. Soon strange things started to happen, following the rumor that a car had fell off the mountain and a passenger had his head cut off. Neighbors saw headless figure of a man wandering around Sith’s house at night. Sith, whose neck was always covered by a red scarf since he came back, also felt some changes in his body. Sith’s wife quietly observed and gradually came to realized what had really happened and been hidden behind the red scarf.